Irrigation System Checkup

What is included in an irrigation system checkup?

During the season there may be a need for a system checkup if your lawn is having issues from either being over/under watered.  A system checkup will ensure that your irrigation system is not the cause for the issues in your lawn.

The following is included in our irrigation system checkup.

  • Check all zones are properly working and timing for zone is set correctly

  • Check all irrigation heads are working properly and aligned for no wasted water on non-lawn areas.

  • Programming of the controller for the season

Why Choose Chesterfield Lawn Services for System Checkup?

We are focused on the health of your lawn and being as environmentally friendly as possible.  This includes not wasting water on lawns but giving them enough to thrive without waste.  We will ask the important questions relevant to your lawn/irrigation system so that you get the best results from your investment.