Irrigation System Start Up

Irrigation start up is important to ensure that your irrigation system is running optimal for the season.  By making sure your system is running properly you will have a better looking lawn, the minimal amount of water used (saving money and environmentally friendly), and scheduling of the irrigation system for the spring.  The key things included in the irrigation system start up is as follow: 

  • Turn on the water from the main water line

  • Check and program the controller (Programed for spring weather)

  • Run each zone to ensure control valves are working properly

  • Check to make sure sprinkler heads are working properly

  • Adjust each sprinkler to prevent wasted water being mis-aligned

Water Main Turn On

Turning on the water from the main water source, closing all ports used to winterize the irrigation system.  It is important that this is done in a correct sequence to prevent leaks during the start up of the irrigation system.  Once all ports and valves are correct the water will be turned on and a quick spot check of the back flow (back flow preventer testing is not included in the basic irrigation system start up). 


Controller Setup


Controllers are the brains of the system.  An outdated unit or broken controller can cause lawn damage from over/under watering during the season.  Wasted water because of failed controller settings.  During the set up we can also add a rain sensor to reduce the amount of watering when nature has been watering your lawn for free.  The zones will be set to water the lawn appropriately for the spring weather.  Depending on the controller we can instruct you on how to easily adjust for the weather based on a simple setting.

Zone Check

Running each zone ensures that the control valve is not malfunctioning during the start up of the system.  During the zone check we will make sure that each irrigation head is properly functioning to prevent wasted water.  There are a few common issues that are identified during this check.  

  • Misaligned irrigation heads wasting water

  • Failed seals on the irrigation head

  • Broken adjustment controls

  • Failed gears in the rotor type heads

  • Cracked connections

Why Choose us for irrigation Start up?

We take the time to ensure that each zone and heads within the zones are working properly.  Our focus is on saving you money by reducing the amount of water used to keep your lawn healthy.  We are able to complete all the services on schedule and will warranty our parts and labor on replaced irrigation heads for one season.  We are also able to schedule a back flow testing as needed within our company so you are only dealing with us.