Soil Samples

The soil is the foundation of any lawn.  All major issues can be traced back to the soil composition itself. 

  • Water runoff issues? Clay soil with no way to retain the water. 

  • Drainage issues? Good soil with a "clay soil bowl" under the area preventing water from being absorbed naturally. 

  • Bare spots that wont grow? Fill dirt on the surface instead of topsoil.

  • Weeds grow but grass wont? Wrong pH for grass to grow healthy.

  • Thin grass growth? Not enough organic material in the soil.

The list can go on but the point is before you put money and resources towards anything (other than drainage) you should have a soil sample completed so that the services you are requesting or are recommended are exactly what you need get get your soil in the best condition for growing grass.

How do we complete a soil sample?

Core soil samples (see below) are taken from random spots in the lawn then mixed together to get a wide sample variation of the lawn.  If there are specific areas that are not growing they may be tested individually to identify what the issue is.  The soil is then taken to a lab that will test the sample and send us a report which will break down the key elements that affect the health of the lawn in regards to the soil (dirt) that it is growing in.


Soil Sample


Soil Sample


Soil Sample


Soil Sample


What comes with a soil sample?

Since not everyone will spend their time researching and learning about soil composition, the minerals that go into it, and what it all means; our soil sample service will come with a personalized video break down of the results.  In the video (to the right) is an example of the type of video you will receive after we get the results back from the lab for your soil sample.  

Great! I have the results... now what?

Based on the results of your soil sample we will recommend specific service for your lawn.  This allows us to guide you to the next steps in having a great looking lawn.  Unless you are willing to put the resources needed to completely tear up the lawn and put in new soil and install sod, growing a lawn is a process.  It all begins with knowing what to fix next.  The soil sample will allow us to help you, almost all of the services that we will recommend regarding your lawn we will be able to do.  If we do not provide it we will direct you to reputable companies that can help you with exactly what you need.

Why Choose Chesterfield Lawn Services for a soil sample?

Most labs and companies will send you the same results page that we do, however, they will not break down what each one means, nor give you the exact resources to address the issues with your soil condition.  Most fertilizer companies will have a basic treatment plan which is adequate for maintaining a great lawn.  But if you have issues that need to be addressed, you need to have a company that will apply the correct fertilizer mixes during the year to start addressing the issues that may take a year or two to fix completely.