Lawn Renovations

Lawn Renovations is a costly investment that should be well planned out or there could be wasted money, resources, and time.  This is why prior to completing any lawn renovation Chesterfield Lawn Services does a complete plan to ensure that the homeowner is able to have a healthy lawn after the renovations are completed.  

There are really two routes to lawn renovations.  First is to go big for immediate results and second is to work with what you already have and allow time to help with the renovation.  Either way should start with a soil sample to see what the current soil condition is at.  The next step is to decide what your budget is.  Sod install will give the immediate results, but will cost a lot more then working with the current lawn and building it up.

How should Sod install renovations go?

A soil sample should be the first thing done.  This will allow you to address any major issues with the soil prior to installing the sod.  Any grading should be completed prior to installing the sod to ensure that the lawn will be level and any drainage issues are addressed.  There may be a need for bringing in soil or compost to amend your soil prior to installing the sod.  This is costly but you do have an immediate result.  Again it is important to know that the soil you are installing sod over is lose, has a good organic base, and does not have any issues like being acidic or low on other nutrients.

Renovating an existing lawn without sod.

If you have read anything on this website you will know that the first thing we will do is get a soil sample.  This will give us the blueprint of what is needed.  This could include several applications of lime/calcium to address the acidic nature of Virginias soil.  The other thing we look at is why did the lawn not thrive previously.  The soil could be great, but if the area is in shade then the lawn may not be getting enough sunlight.  Even shade variations of grass require at least 3 hours of direct sunlight to be healthy.  Another issue may be that there is a drainage issue that is keeping the soil too moist and creating an environment that moss likes to grow in.

Once we have looked at why the lawn didn't grow previously we will come up with a plan to establish your lawn over the course of time.  Many times the plan looks a lot like the following.

  • Apply the needed amount of lime/calcium to adjust the pH level of the soil

  • Apply fertilizer/weed control

  • Once the pH is at the right level; aerate, overseed and possible apply a topdressing of compost

The main thing about long term renovations is to be patient and allow the process to work.  

Why Choose Chesterfield Lawn Services?

We understand that lawn renovations is an investment.  Completing it without a plan may cause a waste in money.  We want you to know exactly what to expect and what to do on your end to get your lawn growing great.  This includes giving you tips for lawn care during the process and watering recommendations throughout the season.