Compost Overdressing

Compost overdressing is a very quick way to get the soil conditioned for growing a beautiful lawn.  This service is done by applying a layer of compost which is all organic material that has been decomposing.  This not only brings in the organic material needed but also jump starts the micro-eco system that is in every lawn.  Those little organisms that decompose the clippings left, aerated the soil, and produce new rich soil from their waste after eating.  This is best done in either the early spring when the lawn just starts to come out of being dormant, or late summer/fall both after aeration and overseeding.  


What type compost do we use?

We source our compost from several distributers around the Richmond/Chesterfield area based on the availability and the location of delivery.  All of our suppliers have a high standard for the compost they deliver and we will ensure that your product meets our standard of quality compost.

How does compost help my lawn?

Compost replaces or replenishes organic material that is lacking in your soil composition.  This can be easily seen in some cases where the lawn tried to get established on fill dirt and not top soil.  Compost provides everything a lawn needs to get established and helps the fill dirt become more suitable for a lawn.  We do look at a soil sample as well to establish the need for this service, not just looking at the soil itself.

During construction of new homes it is required that they strip the soil down to what is called fill dirt which will not sink/settle after construction begins.  After construction the contractors normally just level the area, put down grass seed and cover it with straw.  Grass will germinate, but never really establish because the soil is not conditioned for the lawn.


Left: Compost overdressing       Right: Fill dirt after construction

How do we spread the compost?

There are two ways that we apply compost.  If it is an established lawn that has a good grade with limited low spots and plenty of grass already growing we will blow in the compost with a large blower truck and hose.  The second way is by spreading it with a leveling jig that we made which allows us to evenly spread out the compost while simultaneously leveling the majority of your lawn.  Prior to both applications we recommend aeration and overseeding to get the most of your investment.  


Compost blow in service is done by having a large truck full of compost and a blower to spread out the compost.  The blower sends the compost through a hose 3" in diameter which prevents any heavy machines from being on your lawn compacting the soil.  


Jig to level out lawn


After spreading compost

As you can see in the image we do not use large equipment which will compact your lawn while spreading the compost.  The tractor above is made specifically for golf courses and large estates.  We have found that being compact with many tool attachments is great for lawn renovations.  The jig in the picture was the first prototype which we will be making a steel version in the future once we get all the adjustments made to the heights of the boards and the length for making the lawn as level as possible.

Why Choose Chesterfield Lawn Services?

We want you to know you will have everything done in a timely fashion.  By allowing us to schedule all the deliveries, prep work, marking irrigation heads, and ensuring that everything is done at the right time you will be able to just relax and not stress about the details.  We have a great working relationship with several companies that only contractors are able to work with to get the best products for your grass seed and compost.