Aeration Services

Aeration services is important because it reduces the compaction of the soil in your lawn, allows oxygen, water, and fertilizer to reach the roots easier.  We use a core aerator which pulls plugs out of the lawn which in turn reduces the compaction around the area where the core was pulled from.  Others that use a "spike" aerator actually increase the compaction around the area since the spikes will push the soil to the sides to create the void.

Benefits of aeration/overseeding?

Although there are benefits for just aeration it is alway a good idea to have aeration and overseeding done at the same time.  This is because after there are core holes in the soil the grass seed is able to work its way into the soil to get a deeper root.  Also this is the chance to get thicker lawn by applying seed over the lawn to create new growth in thin areas.  When there are bare spots we do try to put down a little extra in those areas.  However, it may be a good idea to get a soil sample if you don't know why that area isn't growing as well.

Will aeration and overseeding fix my problem areas in the lawn?

​There are times when the compaction of the lawn is too great, and the soil make up is not correct for growing a lawn.  Even though there are results (see image) where the cores where removed.  The area around where the cores were removed did not allow for any grass to grow.  In this case it would be best to either till the area, or bring in topsoil/compost mix to establish that part of the lawn.

When is the best time to aerate and overseed?

​The best time for an established lawn is in the late summer (if you have irrigation) or early fall.  This is actually the start of the new life cycle for lawns.  Many people think it is in the spring since thats when it turns green.  However, after the heat of the summer the lawn then starts to repair itself, by aerating and overseeding you are assisting in the natural cycle.  This timing allows for the lawn to grow strong, deep roots without the heat.  Even during the winter the root systems are growing.  Ever wonder why some yards look perfect the first time its nice in the spring?  They feed the roots during the winter, giving it the nutritian it needed to establish itself for the next season.  (See our fertilizer page for more info on this).  


This also helps to get weeds out of your lawn for the next season.  As you can see in the image to the right there is new fescue grass growing right in the middle of weeds that have died due to the cool weather.  The next year that area will have a stronger grass root system which will starve out the weeds preventing them from establishing themselves again the following year.  To read more about how to get rid of weeds in your lawn see our weed control page.

Can you aerate and overseed in the spring? 

​The short answer is yes; but only when you are trying to establish a lawn that has been neglected or has been really compacted for some reason.  The main concern is to ensure that the new grass is able to establish enough roots to survive the harsh summer heat.  If you have an irrigation system this is not a worry.  But if you do not then you would need to ensure that you water the lawn multiple times a day until the grass is established.  Below is an example of a lawn renovation where the owner failed to keep the lawn moist during the spring/early summer VS the exact same lawn aerated and overseeded in the fall, with much less watering done by the owner.

Why Choose Chesterfield Lawn Services?

We purchase our seed from a professional distributer that ensures that our seed is 99.9% weed free and does a germination test to make sure that the seeds will grow when we put it down.  We also use either a golf course tractor aerator or a stand on hydraulic actuated aerator that will penetrate the soil to get a deeper core removed which will result is better decompression of the soil.