About Us

Chesterfield Lawn Services, LLC was established in 2013 by Dereck Jenkins.  The goal was and still is "to enhance the lives of everyone who comes in contact with the company; customers, employees, suppliers, everyone."  This is because the core belief is that life is too short to deal with people that don't brighten your day.  

Initially Chesterfield Lawn Services was a full service company that was able to complete many of the aspects of lawn care and sub-contracted out others that required specialization.  This allowed us to help our customers in more ways then just providing maintenance to their lawn and landscaping.

Over the years we noticed that there was a gap in the Chesterfield/Richmond area that we felt we could fill by providing quality, professional services.  Lawn health, which included fertilizer and irrigation.  Those two categories we were constantly disappointed in our sub contractors and therefore we believe we can help home owners solve those issues.

With his background in chemical and biological weapons while he was in the military; Mr. Jenkins continued on to get his Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science.  This has allowed the company under his supervision to focus on providing the highest quality information and service to getting a great healthy looking lawn.

Over the next few years Chesterfield Lawn Services will be adding a full line of environmentally friendly ways to still have a healthy lawn with minimal weeds.  

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