Core Values


​At Chesterfield Lawn Services we have rules that we must follow.  We want to make sure that every decision we make or action we take is in line with these core values.  This makes it simple to stay on track and to make the decisions that will be in line with our values.  Here are our values and a brief explanation of what it means to us.

NO JERKS ALLOWED- Being a jerk is not acceptable. We won’t accept jerks as clients, vendors or employees. We will never be jerks. Life is too short to deal with jerks.

ENJOY THE RIDE- Life is not about getting to the end. We should always be focused on enjoying life, if we are not enjoying what we are doing then we need to get off the ride and find a new one.

GIVE TO GIVE- “Give to get” implies that you have a hidden agenda. We believe in giving for the joy of giving. If everyone would focus on giving instead of worrying about they are going to get in return our world would be a better place.

GROWING OR DYING- Within our company we want growth. Our employees skills and abilities, our customer base, our services, and our giving back to the community. If something stops growing it starts dying. We want to promote growth in every aspect of our company.  

CORNERS HAVE RIGHTS- We believe that corners are there for a reason. We respect corners and we will not cut them.  Each new employee is taught specifically how to complete jobs correctly and are never told to "hurry up" to the next job.

BE THE ROCK- As part of the Chesterfield community, we want to be part of the sound foundation within it. We are focused on providing stable jobs, consistent quality work and becoming a company focused on sustainability in all areas.

BLOOD MONEY- Money is the blood of the company, those who allow money to leave the company or not giving the money in a timely fashion are just hurting the company. Without money the company will die.  We want our customers and employees to know that they are working with a healthy company that will be around for a long time.