Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal

Chesterfield Lawn Services has the right equipment for small businesses that require snow removal in the Chester, VA area.  We have the heavy trucks for the medium sized parking lots, but we have the nimble snow plow equipment to do tight areas, sidewalks, and next to parked cars without the risk of damaging anything.

We plan ahead, if you are scheduled before the storm we can have your business cleared within a few hours after the storm if not during the storm.  Ice melt for sidewalks is also an option we can add on if needed.

Special equipment- Tractor with a 4' snow blower, perfect for walkways and tight parking lot areas.

Residential Snow Removal

Residential Snow removal is our expertise... We have some of the newest equipment when it comes residential uses.  Our machines can clear around parked cars without any risk of damage.  When we come out for snow removal we will clear the driveway, one walkway to the front door and if requested for an additional charge we can apply salt to help take care of the remaining snow or slickness that can come after the snow.

Our specially designed mowers convert into snow plows with are perfect for driveways and sidewalks.