Weekly mowing services are available.  We only take a limited number of clients to ensure we are out to your property every week. Our mowing service includes   


In order to make a freshly cut lawn look the best there are small details that need to be done. Edging is important for two reasons; visual and maintaining borders. When edging is not done there will be grass growing over the edges of the lawn. This will cause the lawn to look un-kept even if the lawn was just mowed. Over time if the edges of the walkways, driveways, and street curb are not maintained the lawn will eventually grow over and start to establish roots on top of the concrete by keeping all the debris blown under the grass from the edge of the pathway to build up and continue to move out over where the edge of the grass should be. We use two methods to edge, first is a dedicated edger, all it does is cut a grove between the path and lawn providing a solid boarder between the two. The second method is to use our trimmer to cut a deep bold line between the two. Each visit this will be done in order to keep the lawn and path looking good.


After mowing a yard, if trimming is not done, there will be grass growing up along the side of the house, shed, and the fence, anywhere there is a structure coming from the ground vertically. This causes even the freshest mowed lawn to look un-kept. Chesterfield Lawn Services trims prior to mowing so that all the clippings will be mulched into the grass presenting a professional appearance to a mowed lawn. We take care not to harm trees when trimming around them. Care will be taken when trimming next to any structure so that over time damage will not build up due to the trimming line hitting it each time we visit.

Yard clean up

The final step in our visit is cleaning up. Sidewalks, pathways, driveways, porches, swing sets, and furniture will be cleaned off using a blower. This gets rid of all the trimmings and dirt left by nature on your surfaces keeping them clean and welcoming to be used. This gives that detailed look every person wants for their home.

Additional Services Provided Include:

Mulch Installation

Mulch is not only aesthetically appealing but has a very important function.  Mulch suppresses weeds, keeps moisture and provides erosion control.  When we install mulch there are several steps that are taken to ensure that the mulch remains great throughout the year.  

Landscape Maintenance

We pride ourselves on the fact our teams are trained when it comes to not only our equipment but also on how and why we trim certain things at specific times.  Pruning of plants is very important to the health and look.  We take care to plan for the long term look of your landscape, not just trimming quickly and moving to the next job.