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Lawn Maintenance Contract

Need a Lawn Maintenance Contract? But why a lawn maintenance contract? Chesterfield Lawn Services, LLC provides a lawn maintenance contract for the safety and benefits of both the client and the company.  A sample of the contract can be seen HERE but let’s go through it to show the benefits of having a contract with Chesterfield Lawn Services, LLC.


As one of our first customer, BJ H. comments said “I will absolutely continue to use this service so I have more free time with my family.” This is our main goal, for you as the customer to have more time for the important things in life. With a lawn maintenance contract you will not need to worry about the lawn ever again. We put all the lawn care service parts together and only contact you periodically to check on your satisfaction level.


Once the lawn maintenance contract is agreed upon there is nothing more for you to do but enjoy your beautiful lawn without the hassle of maintaining it. We try to foresee all the things that will need to be done over the course of the year and provide a detailed plan on how to get it done. That way all of the fertilizer applications, aeration, over seeding, flowerbed mulch, and top dressing is planed out without you doing a thing.


Throughout the year we plan on maximizing our time by planning routes and scheduling special visits for things that need to get done.  With a maintenance contract in place we can set a schedule and prioritize your lawn ……………………………………………..


When the plan for your lawn maintenance contract is done, we add up our basic prices for all the services you choose to add into the agreement. Once all of it is added we see how much we will save by planning it out with the rest of our other clients. Example- if aeration is chosen and the need for a certain type of machine is needed for your lawn we would rent it and charge it to your account. BUT if we have a contract with you we can plan to use the rented machine on the same day, saving both you and us money. So when we can see the savings we pass that onto you in the form of a discount. On average with a contract spread out over either 9 or 12 months there is a 15% savings on basic lawn services. With lawn treatments it can go up to as much as 25% savings making the monthly payments the same as if you were paying for each time we serviced you lawn.

So now that you know how this will benefit you here is what we have to offer. Read about each one through our “Services Page”

• Aeration
• Edging
• Fertilizer Application and weed control
• Flowerbed Maintenance
• Leaf removal
• Mulch Install
• Over Seeding
• Parking lot cleaning
• Regular Mowing Services
• Soil Sampling
• Top Dressing
• Trimming (Trees and bushes)

Chesterfield Lawn Services contracts makes for an affordable lawn care service while getting the best customer service. Contracts are scary, but not when you can see all the fine print in bold letters. There are no hidden fees, if for some reason you wish to cancel all we do is charge the difference in costs for services already provided. When we invoice the final cost it will have receipts for mulch, grass seed, and flowerbed installations that have already been purchased and applied.

Rental houses can be frustrating to maintain if there is no plan to stay long term but you have to take care of the lot you are renting. We provide just basic lawn care for rental houses to save you on the cost. No need to purchase a lawnmower when you only plan on having the rental for a year. When we draft contracts for people in rental homes we do it for the same term they have a lease for (i.e. 6 or 12 months) and if they move sooner then the contract is terminated with no fee. Simple as that.