Mowing Services

Weekly and Bi-weekly Services

Chesterfield Lawn Services provides two options for both contracts and just mowing services.  Weekly services begin in the middle of April, before April the properties will be serviced bi-weekly since there is no need for weekly services prior to then.  During the middle of the year weekly services will be done on the same day, pending any rain delays, which will be completed the day after.

Bi-weekly services are also offered and are done on the same day each week as well.  We strive to provide a consistant service day so that you will be able to plan.


Our mowers are serviced on a regular basis to ensure that they are running properly.  One of the main focuses are the blades.  Our blades are sharpened at least twice a week to ensure that we are cutting the grass and not ripping the top of the grass off.  We also have invested in having mulching kits installed on all our mowers.  This means that there is no "discharge" chute which would allow for rocks and other debris to be thrown to the side possibly damaging property.


Each visit edging around all buildings, mulch beds, trees, and hard surfaces will be completed.  T​his includes the walkways, porches, and roads.  This will leave the lawn looking well manicured with clean edges and all the grass at the same height.  We take caution around fences, cables, and irrigation components ensuring that damage is not caused while we are servicing your lawn.

Finial Cleaning

After all the mowing and edging is completed all the debris is blown back onto the turf.  This includes all the hard surfaces (i.e. walkways, driveways, decks).  This step will allow us to not only leave the area clean but also allow us to check all the areas to ensure we have completed the job consistently.