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Leaf removal for Chesterfield

Leaf Removal and Curb-Side Pickup

Do you need Leaf Removal services? Chesterfield Lawn Services, LLC provides a complete leaf removal service or curb side pick up.   When we remove leaves there are several options you can choose from. One time, multiple times, or weekly/bi-weekly mulching into the lawn. We can either move the leaves to an area on the property to compost over the next few months (cheaper) or have them completely removed from the property.

A one time removal is a good option if you only wish to have them removed once all of the leaves have already fallen at the end of the season. This service may costs less in the long run, but you will have a damaged lawn if the leaves are left until the end of fall.  There may only be a discount of $100-$200 compared to multiple visits, but the cost to repair and restore the lawn will cost much more in the spring.


Leaf removal

A full season of leaves to be removed during a rainy day


Leaf removal

Complete removal from the property.

Another option is to have the leaves removed at two or more different times during the season. You will receive a discount for using this option and planning ahead of time to have your leaves removed.  We can schedule a time frame to get the leaves up which will be dictated by the weather.  Dry leaves are always easier to remove than wet leaves.

Another option is to have us mulch the leaves on a bi-weekly basis.  This would keep the grass from being smothered by the leaves and provides beneficial nutrients to the soil.  The leaves mulched into the lawn will provide nutrients for the lawn and help keep it healthy during the summer.  By keeping the leaves up at a regular interval the grass roots are able to continue to grow, mold/mildew will not start to grow and  it will provide a lush yard in the spring.

Also remember that we can include this in a yearly contract agreement to save you time and money!!!

Prior to leaf removal

After leaf clean up.

Curb side pick up

Curb side pick up is the option for those who don't mind gathering the leaves, but not disposing of them.  We have a large trailer that has a vacuum attached to it allowing us to quickly pick up the large pile you placed near the road.  This allows you to maintain the lawn yourself, but not have the hassle of moving all those leaves.  Call us for the pricing on this service.

City or county roadside pick up

For those homeowners that live in an area that provides leaf removal during the fall we provide the service of moving all the leaves to the road for the city to pick up.  This will save on the disposal fee and reduce the cost since we will not be loading or moving the leaves to different areas.  Check with your local government office to see if they provide curbside leaf pick up.