Lawn Maintenance

Aeration and overseeding

When your lawn is used as it should be... enjoyed... there are spots that will become compacted and prevents grass from growing in that location.  Aeration allows for the loosening of the soil by pulling out cores which will allow the soil to expand to those voids.  Another benefit is that the hole created by aeration is that moisture, fertilizer, and oxygen is able to get to the root system allowing for a deeper root system to establish.  

Immediately after the aeration is completed premium grass seed is spread on the lawn.  We spread approximately 3-4 lbs per 1000 sq ft.  Instead of trying to spread it out all at once during one pass, we intentionally only apply half the recommended amount, then in an opposite direction the other half is spread.  This prevents lawns from having missed spots during the aeration and over-seeding process.  

Top dressing

After aeration and over-seeding is completed there is the option to apply a top coat of compost.  This will give the soil a boost in nutrients that will give your lawn a better appearance you are thriving for.  The compost will give the lawn a good start to the micro-eco-system that is required for a lawn to be healthy.

Fertilizer and Weed Prevention

*For contracts only- Fertilizer and weed prevention is a must if you want to have a full lush lawn.  During the year pre-emergents and post-emergents are applied to prevent weeds from starting and if they have treat the weeds that are coming up.  There is also a lime application during the fall, Virginia soil is acidic and this will balance the pH in the soil.  There are seven treatments during the year, with a contract any outbreaks of weeds will treated free of charge.