Landscape Maintenance

Landscaping Services

This is a complete list and description of landscaping services provided by Chesterfield Lawn Services, LLC. We always provide free estimates and explain all the work we will be suggesting in the estimate so that you know exactly what you are going to be having done.

  • ​Clean Up- Spring/Fall
  • Flower Bed Maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Mowing
  • String Trimming
  • Tree/Shrub Trimming

Clean Up- Spring/Fall

Spring/Fall cleanup is often overlooked by home owners. Our Spring/Fall cleanup includes picking up all the branches/debris on the lawn and flowerbeds. Removal of all the leaves around the house. Clearing out the flowerbeds of dead flowers. While we are there we will give you a list of suggested things to complete for maintaining your landscape and if we notice any issues on the outside of the house.

Flowerbed Maintenance

Chesterfield Lawn Services, LLC provides two options for flowerbed maintenance. Year round care and one time service each will be billed at an hourly rate. Our seasonal maintenance would begin with ensuring there are little weeds in the flowerbed to start with. Once the weeds are under control we apply approximately 2.5 to 3 inches of mulch to keep the weeds from coming back. If you have a preference on which flowers or plants you want in your flowerbed we will put exactly what you want; or we can ask a few questions and come up with a flowerbed plan that would meet your interests. During the year we will constantly maintain the flowerbed by pulling weeds out and removing dead flowers if this option is chosen for the yearly contract which will be billed as a seperate item.


Chesterfield Lawn Services, LLC can help with your landscaping project. When planning out the landscape we ask questions to find out exactly what you want. With that information we will plan out the landscape with considering the types of plants best for your area. We will also coach you on maintaining the landscape or can complete it for you as well.

Chesterfield Lawn Services, LLC

Rental Property Maintenance

We can provide two different types of Rental Property Maintenance in the Chesterfield area. One for the landlord and the other for the tenant renting. When the agreement is made with the landlord we can offer huge discounts due to the continual relationship from year to year. This increases the value of the home and ensures that tenants do not neglect part of the “investment” you have in the property.

A tenant can also benefit from our services, if you as a tenant wishes to have the rental property taken care of we can customize the agreement to match the requirements of your rental agreement and give you a discount for allowing us to take care of the property while you are renting. We understand that you as a tenant may not want a perfect lawn or spend the resources to complete such a task. We can provide a basic lawn care for an affordable price to just keep it up.

Tree/Shrub Trimming

Residential Lawn Care

Bushes before trimming

Bushes after trimming

Trimming trees/bushes has three main focuses, cutting off dead/diseased limbs, cutting back limbs that are rubbing, and promoting growth in the areas that are appealing to the landscape. Trimming is about making sure that the bush, shrub, or tree is healthy.  We also know exactly when to prune and trim the most common plants around the Chesterfield area.  If pruning is done during the wrong time it can seriously damage your plants.