Landscape Maintenance

Individual Service Plan- Landscape Service Customized

At Chesterfield Lawn Services we provide a customized landscape maintenance plan for our contracted customers.  The plan is a complete schedule of all landscaping maintenance for all the different plants during the correct time of year.    

Services Offered

  • Spring and Fall Clean up
  • Mulch bed maintenance
  • Landscape installation
  • Tree pruning
  • Shrub Pruning

Spring and Fall clean up

Spring and fall clean up is often overlooked by home owners.  This service includes picking up large branches and debris from storms.  Removal of leaves that have pushed up against the house and under shrubs.  Clearing out flowerbeds of annual flowers and dead heading flowers.  While we are there we will provide a detailed list of issues we have seen during our clean up that your property could use.

Before spring clean up

After cleanup and mulch installation

Mulch bed maintenance

Mulch bed maintenance is offered to contracted customers only.  Simply because this service is best on a regular basis.  Our seasonal maintenance would begin with ensuring there are little weeds in the flowerbed to start with. Once the weeds are under control we apply approximately 2.5 to 3 inches of mulch to keep the weeds from coming back. During the year there will be monthly visits to treat any weeds that are growing, deadhead any flowers and remove any debris that may get into the mulch bed.   This does not include shrub trimming or pruning which is offered separately.

Landscape Installation

Added larger mulch area with selected annual flowers.

Landscape installation is when adding a few plants to an existing landscaped area.  We can provide suggestions that will grow to a mature plant while still staying within the mulch beds and not crowding the other plants.  We look at a landscape and see the mature look, not the immediate results.  Choosing the correct plant is key, picking one that looks nice small but needs to mature to a much larger plant will only hurt your landscaping.

*We currently do not offer full landscaping designs.

Tree Pruning

Smaller trees need to have pruning done on a regular basis to ensure proper healthy growth occurs.  Our teams are trained to look for specific growth patterns and prune branches that will become problems later on.  Larger trees that are near buildings are also looked at to check for potential structural damage if a large branch falls during a storm.  This will save you a lot of heartache and insurance claim time by dealing with the issue prior to a tragedy.  

Crape Myrtle Pruned during the winter

Shrub Pruning

There are so many beautiful shrubs that grow in Virginia.  Knowing the correct time to prune them is essential to seeing the full beauty each year.  When we plan our the landscape maintenance plan each plant will be identified and put onto the schedule for the year to maintained at the correct time.  We also look at the health of the plant, if there are dead branches we remove them to promote new growth instead of just leaving them to "keep the shape" of the plant.  We want to make a healthy, mature landscape for you to enjoy.