Curb Side Pick Up Terms of Service

Chesterfield Lawn Services, LLC will herein be referred to as “CLS” and the customer will hereby be referred to as the “Client”.

These terms of service are for Curb Side Pick Up only (see Preparation section below).


All written/emailed quotes that CLS provides to the Client are firm prices for curbside leaf pick up. These prices will not change. However, we reserve the right to refuse service (see Right of Refusal Policies below).


Unfortunately, CLS cannot provide exact pick-up time or date as every pick-up requires a different amount of time to complete. CLS makes every attempt to complete your leaf pick-up on the day requested. There are conditions where a pick-up may be delayed including but not limited to: Inclement Weather, Equipment Failure, Accidents, Etc. CLS will email and/or call the Client to provide such updates if we are unable to make it out the day of the scheduled service.


Should we not meet your expectation of curb side leaf pick up we will be happy to resolve the issue immediately.  However, we need to be notified via email ( within 3 calendar days to resolve the issue.  No dissatisfactions will be addressed after three days due to the consistent leaves falling during this season.


Upon completion of the service, CLS will send an invoice by email (be sure to check "spam" or "junk" mail) and charge the debit/credit card put on file during the scheduling. If no card is on file then the client will have 7 calendar days to make the payment in full online or by sending a check, any invoices not paid by the start of the 8th calendar day after the service there will be an additional charged an additional $25 late fee. Client may pay by check in the mail or pay online (see link attached to emailed invoice).  If not paid by 30 calendar days the account will be passed to our collections department.  All legal and collection fees will be added to the amount due.


CLS reserves the right to refuse service under conditions such as these:

It is evident or perceived that neighbors have contributed to the Client’s leaf piles.  Please contact us for group discounts.

There is an obstruction preventing CLS from safely removing your leaves (example: cars, etc).

The “Preparation” requirements below have not been met.



Leaves must be within approximately 10’ of the street or driveway edge. Our Vacuum is located at the rear of our trailer with a 10’ hose.  Please make sure that we can access where you have the leaves located.  The tires to our trailer will not leave a paved or gravel area. 

Any sticks that fall with the leaves should be placed in their own pile near the leaves, we will remove a small pile of stick but no large branches or massive piles of sticks.

No bagged leaves.  No debris (trash, toys, rocks) can be mixed in.  Any damage to our equipment due to debris mixed may be charged to the client after review.

Do not pile the leaves on shrubs, ornamental grass or gravel areas.


If you have more than one pile please notify us prior to the scheduled visit.  If it is not noted there are two piles (i.e. one at the road and one at the back of the driveway.  We will only be removing the front pile of leaves.

The pile of leaves will be removed from the property, however any leaves that are away from the pile will not be removed.  Our goal is to remove the pile of leaves that are prepared, not rake or blow the entire lawn.

NOTE: Decomposed or partially decomposed leaves can become buried under soil, grass, plants, rocks, etc. Under these circumstances, the decomposed leaves and dirt will not be removed.

There may be a lot of dust during the vacuuming process, any near by surfaces or vehicles will be blown off to leave a clean work area.


The subsurface integrity of the Client’s driveway is always unknown. Therefore, CLS will not be held responsible for damages to the driveway resulting from heavy equipment and trucks.

CLS is not responsible for any damages to items in our work area such as retaining walls, lighting, electrical, water, or sprinklers.


CLS is insured with General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance. Proof of insurance can be verified by requesting a copy of our Certificate of Insurance.


Once the leaf removal service has been dispatched for the day the Client recognizes that they have entered into a legal contract with CLS and subsequently have read and agreed to the quoted price and these Terms of Service. Otherwise, the Client may cancel at any time up until the day we show up for service. The Client also agrees to promptly contact CLS within 3 days of service should there be any dissatisfaction with our work. We will then return to correct the issue promptly. The Client cannot request additional work from the crew directly. All requests must be submitted to CLS office.