Commercial Contracts

Commercial lawn Care Contracts

Businesses with lawns and landscaping have a special consideration when finding caretakers for their property.  At Chesterfield Lawn Services we schedule all the Commercial Contract services around your business hours in order to not affect your business.  If we can not complete it when you are closed we find a low volume time for your customers to complete the tasks needed to maintain your property.  


The mowing is completed on a weekly basis to ensure that you have a consistent image at your business.  This includes regular mowing, edging, and blowing off all hard surfaces.  Larger parking lots will be completed only blowing off the debris caused by the service provided.  During the fall leaves will be kept off the parking lot on a regular basis.  

Landscape Maintenance

All bushes will be maintained throughout the year to keep a neat appearance and in accordance with the Virginia Extension Office and from resources such as The American Horticultural Society to ensure your business is taken care of properly.  The scheduling for the commercial contract will be done at the beginning of the year which will ensure that the maintenance is completed during the correct time of year.  Some of the common options for the contract is mulch installation, flower bed maintenance, and flower installation throughout the year.

Long Term Relationships

We know that finding a reputable service provider is a timely process.  Our focus during the initial meeting is to find out if we are a good fit for your company and you are a good fit for our company.  If we can not service your business to our standards we will recommend a company that can help you if we know of one.  We want to make sure that this is your last time investing in finding a landscaper for your business.  This way you can focus on building your business and not maintaining the exteriors.‚Äč