About Us

Chesterfield Lawn Services, LLC

The Beginnings 

Chesterfield Lawn Services was established in 2013 by Dereck Jenkins.  Starting out the goal and focus was to become a company that provided a professional services which would increase the enjoyment of life for everyone who came into contact with the company.  Our customers, employees, and other companies we do business with.  Our "bottom line" is not the amount of revenue to profit ratio but the time invested to increased value/enjoyment of life created.  

Converted family truck into a work truck. It now has over 200K miles with good maintenance practices.

Starting out Mr. Jenkins was working by himself mainly ​doing everything that could bring in some money for the company.  The area of service was so large that there would be 40 to 45 minute drives between customers locations.  Knowing that if the company was to grow the area needed to be smaller to provide quick responses to estimate requests and addressing any concerns easier.

2015 we made do with the equipment we had.

2014 was very little growth as it was still a part time job as Mr. Jenkins still had a full time position teaching on Fort Lee.  Moving to full time in the landscaping industry in the spring of 2016.  By the end of 2016 there were 4 staff workers full time and the area of service was shrunk to focus on Chester and the immediate surrounding areas.  That decision increased the amount of work and allowed for better roots in the community.​

During 2017 Chesterfield Lawn Services increased employees to 7 which included a full time office manager who provides great communication with our customers enabling them to always get in contact with someone at the company.  Snow removal was also added at the beginning of the year with some of the newest machines in moving snow.

2017 Spring Team

In 2018 Chesterfield Lawn Services looks to add another quality team, expand their services to include irrigation maintenance, and become a bigger impact in the community by doing service projects each quarter of the year.

We are always looking for better ways to do the job, sometimes that includes specialized equipment.