Chesterfield Lawn Services

Welcome to Chesterfield Lawn Services, LLC.  We provide comprehensive lawn care services including commercial and residential maintenance. Our goal is to work with you to discuss your vision and create the yard of your dreams. With our commercial and residential services we provide a variety of services including mowing, weed control, plant care, debris removal, mulching, and landscape maintenance.

We are a small business located in Chester, VA and we are active in the community. We know that without the community support we would not meet our goals as a company. To show our gratitude we give back to the community as much as possible. Be it through food drives, donations to organizations that help others, and supporting our troops overseas. We give because we are a part of the community, not just a business in the area.

Our lawn care difference

There are a lot of great lawn care companies around the Chesterfield area.  We are focused on making our company different for three key reasons. 

  1. For our contracted year round service customers we have developed a system to use that we call an "Individualized Service Plan" for each residential and commercial property.  
  2. We have a completely trained staff.  Each of our technicians are trained by the manufacturer's standards for each piece of equipment they use and trained on the specific techniques that our company has developed.  ‚Äč
  3. We focus on long term relationships and in order to do so we don't over book our schedules.  We have a limited number of clients, once we reach our limit we train a new team prior to taking on more clients.
Mowing lines

Training makes a huge difference in quality.

Training on plant health, mulch install and overall landscape maturity.

Our Mission statement

To enhance the lives of everyone who comes into contact with Chesterfield Lawn Services; Customers, employees, contractors, suppliers, anyone and everyone.

Our goal is to make lives better, we may also provide lawn care and here are some of our reviews. We want to provide lawn services to you as a partner for the long term, not just a one time customer.

Unique landscapes get "Individualized Service Plans"